Phyllo-wrapped Asparagus & Prosciutto Recipe

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This gourmet prosciutto appetizer is a lovely combination of textures and flavours. The crispy garlic pastry contrasts the rich, salty ham, and the lightly seasoned asparagus offers a fresh, clean finish to this taste sensation.

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Phyllo-Wrapped Asparagus And Prosciutto

2 garlic cloves

4 tbsp. butter

8 asparagus spears

8 sheets phyllo pastry

cup Parmesan cheese

Zinter Brown Dill-icious seasoning

8 thin slices of Prosciutto ham

1 lemon, for serving

Crush and mince the garlic, and saut in the butter in a small pan over low heat to let the

flavour infuse. Pass through a fine strainer into a bowl (will be used to brush the phyllo).

Peel and trim the asparagus stalks.

Preheat the oven to 450F. Working with one sheet at a time (keep the remaining sheets

under a damp cloth), spread out the phyllo, brush with the flavored butter, and double

over. Sprinkle with parmesan and Dill-icious.

Lay a slice of ham on top, then place an asparagus spear across and roll up. Brush the roll

with more butter, then cut it in 2-inch lengths, and put on a nonstick baking sheet. Repeat

with the remaining ingredients. Bake 10 minutes until nicely golden. Serve hot or at room

temperature, with a lemon quarter on the side.

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