Antipasto with Seafood

Zinter Brown Antipasto with Seafood
Antipasto with Seafood


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Gourmet Antipasto Spread - Traditionally Italian With A Canadian Flare

Our signature vegetable antipasto appetizer is prepared in small batches only, using fresh tomato puree, pickles, cauliflower, olives, mushrooms, green pepper, olive oil and vinegar. For our seafood (meat) antipasto, we add just the right amount of tuna and shrimp.

Vegetable Or Seafood Antipasto - For Special Days Or Everyday

Don't save vegetable or seafood antipasto for special days only! Serve our antipasto appetizer before your next family meal or as a healthy after-school snack.

Joanne suggests placing a bowl of vegetarian or seafood antipasto on a decorative tray and embellishing it with Italian salami, prosciutto or cold cuts, olives, artichokes, bell peppers and Italian cheeses. Accompanied by fresh bread or crackers, it's sure to be the focal point of any hors d'oeuvres table.

Start With Our Antipasto Appetizer...You Won't Stop There

Buy vegetable or seafood (meat) antipasto spread online. Zinter Brown products may just become a staple in your home!

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