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Zinter Brown Garlic Pepper Pot
Garlic Pepper Pot


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Garlic Pepper Jelly - A Pungent, Gourmet Treat

Zinter Brown Garlic Pepper Pot is a unique twist on ordinary garlic pepper jelly. A carefully selected combination of fresh roasted garlic and red bell peppers is simmered with sugar, water, pectin, vinegar and gourmet spices to create an unrivalled taste sensation.

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Add garlic pepper jelly to your favorite meal or appetizer recipes or try our gourmet recipes.

  • Use Zinter Brown Garlic Pepper Pot as a glaze for roasts, steaks, chops, burgers or wild game.
  • Garlic pepper jelly adds personality to soups, stews, casseroles or meatballs.
  • Perfect as a dipping sauce for samosas or chicken fingers.
  • Create a distinctive Asian stir-fry with our gourmet pepper jelly.

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