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Zinter Brown Gourmet Mustard Zinger - Simply Irresistible

Our Spicy Mustard Zinger is the perfect blend of mustard seeds, brown sugar, garlic, tart lemon juice and a hint of salt; but it's the addition of Hungarian paprika that really sets this gourmet mustard spice apart.

Gourmet Mustard Zinger - From Chili To Hamburger Seasoning

Our Spicy Mustard Zinger will help create new taste dimensions!

  • Use Gourmet Mustard Zinger as chili mustard seasoning for crockpot chili, or hamburger seasoning for your backyard barbeque.
  • Create magic in goulash, stews and gravies.
  • Rub this gourmet mustard seasoning on steak, chicken or a roast before roasting.
  • Make a fabulous cheese ball: Mix 2 tbsp gourmet mustard spice into 1 cup cream cheese.

In fact, if your gourmet senses uncover a particularly delicious application for this caviar of spices, share it with us.

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