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Zinter Brown  Peach Pepper Pot
Peach Pepper Pot


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Peach Pepper Jelly - Summer Sweetness With A Savory Edge

Nothing tastes as sweet and refreshing as a fresh Okanagan peach on a hot day. Now imagine this nectarous goodness integrated with the gratifying zest of ripe red bell peppers. Zinter Brown Peach Pepper Jelly Pot is a culmination of just the right mixture of peaches, peppers, sugar, water, pectin, garlic, vinegar and carefully selected spices.

Looking For A Substitute For Red Pepper Jelly? You've Found It!

Our peach pepper jelly is an ideal substitute for red pepper jelly. Visit our gourmet recipe pages to find out how to incorporate peach pepper jelly into warm, flavorful butternut squash soup or create delicious cheese thimbles appetizers.

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Buy jelly online or any of our antipastos, spices or condiments. With Zinter Brown, expect nothing but superior taste, convenience and gourmet sensations!

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