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Red Pepper Pot


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Zinter Brown Red Pepper Jelly - A Sweet, Tangy Experience

Zinter Brown Red Pepper Pot is bursting with sweet, tangy goodness. Prepared with choice fresh red bell peppers, this irresistible red pepper jelly is blended with a perfect balance of spices, sugar, water, pectin, and tart vinegar.

Sweet Red Pepper Jelly - Explore Its Versatility Any Time

  • Spread red pepper jelly on a bagel with cream cheese; or as a dip for your favorite breakfast sausage, ham or bacon.
  • Our butternut squash soup recipe is heavenly for lunch.
  • For dinner, serve as a glaze on any meat, poultry or game.
  • As an appetizer, red pepper jelly is tops on cheese thimbles or simply served with crackers.

Order Gourmet Red Pepper Jelly For Yourself Or For A Tasty Gift

Purchase our Canadian-made sweet red pepper jelly by the jar or in one of our specialty gift baskets or gift packs.

Whether it's gourmet jellies, antipasto or our unique seasoning blends, we're confident our award winning line will impress!

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